Welcome to Dance Directory’s NEWEST and MOST INNOVATIVE dance event for solo dancers, MDC – MELBOURNE DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS.







MDC PROGRAM 12:09:18


• Innovative structure including audition class AND solo performance
• Prizes include cash, medals, trophies, gift vouchers, dance merchandise and more!
• Improv and Own Choreography sections
• Special awards including ‘Best choreography’, ‘Most potential’, ‘Best costume’ and more
• Free viewing for the audience (excluding Grand Final)



We have 3 events; Solo championships, Improv challenge and Own Choreography Challenge.

Solo Championships

Dancers participate in 45 minute audition class on stage.  A teacher takes the class and the judge observes.  Parents and teachers can watch for FREE!

After the class, dancers will then perform a solo, of their choice.  This performance is on stage, in costume.

The judge will then give the dancers valuable feedback on their audition and solo performances as well as announcing the top 5 dancers from each age group.  The top 5 will be selected by judging the dancers in the audition AND in their solo performance.

The top 5 dancers from each age group will then be invited to attend the Grand final where they will perform a different solo for the judge.  ONE winner from each age group will then be awarded ‘Melbourne’s Best Soloist’.

Age groups will be split depending on entries.  Youngest age is 6 years, oldest age is 18 years.


Improv challenge

Students participate on stage in an improvisation challenge involving various styles of dance and music.  This section runs for approximately 10-20 minutes.

The entrants will then receive valuable feedback from the judge, as well as the judge presenting the most outstanding improv entrant, who will be presented with a prize.

Age groups will depend on entries.  Youngest age is 6 years, oldest age is 18 years.


Own Choreography Challenge

Entrants perform a routine which is self-choreographed.

The judge will then provide the entrants with valuable feedback and the most outstanding soloist will receive a prize.


Age groups will depend on entries.  Youngest age is 6 years, oldest age is 18 years.




What do I wear to the audition?
Suitable dance attire for a Jazz technique class.

Do I need to wear make up?
Stage make up is recommended for the entire event (including audition).

What time do I need to arrive?
At least 30 minutes prior to your session time.

What genre is the audition?
Jazz technique. A routine may be Jazz, Contemporary and/or Lyrical.

What genre solo can I perform?
Jazz, Tap. Broadway, Song & Dance, Classical, Character, Neo, Lyrical, Contemporary or Hip Hop.

What do I wear for the Improv challenge?
Black dancewear of your choice.

What do I wear for the Own choreography challenge?
A costume/dancewear of your choice.

What format music do I need to bring for my solo?
Music must be emailed at least 7 days prior to the event.  Please bring a back up on the day.


1. All participants perform completely at their own risk.
2. The staff of Melbourne Dance Championships are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by a participant as a result of any event being cancelled, postponed or changed.
3. This competition are only for students of amateur status.
4. Participants must appear in their number order.
5. Melbourne dance championships will not be responsible for any lost property.
6. Finals will be conducted at the discretion of the MDC staff.
7. Filming and photography of the event is strictly prohibited.
8. Performers arriving late may not be permitted to perform.
9. Age will be taken as at 1st of January 2018. Minimum age is 6 years of age.  Maximum age of 18 years.
10. Competitors may only enter in their own age group.
11. The MDC staff reserves the right to ask for a Birth Certificate of any participant in any section.
12. No solo routine may exceed 3 minutes in length.
13. Music must be handed in prior to the performance. Ipod/iphone and CD should be provided.